Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Welcome to the reluctant anthropologist and COP 15

In Copenhagen today and for the next two weeks many of my colleagues, friends and highly important strangers will be debating how to best reduce future green house gas emissions and increase carbon sinks, among other complex and highly politicized topics. Far over on the west coast of North America I am trying to follow the news and feeling blue about not having jumped on a plane. 

In honor of the UNFCCC's (United Nation's Framing Convention on Climate Change) grand politico-event I have created this blog to discuss the work of a socio-cultural anthropologist trying to unravel the mysteries of climate change, environmental migration, and the social world at large. 

Frightfully boring? Destined to fail? Shown to anyone other than my supportive husband? We'll see. For now, let me say:

Welcome, and here's to another blog bespoken mind.


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